Fracking Away Our Medicinal Plants

From a colonized mindset one can easily forget the importance of water, especially its spiritual implications. Learning from indigenous individuals about the holistic connection with water and land can save humanity from mass destruction. Sootahkii Callinglast is an intelligent individual who has extensive knowledge on the life of water. I encourage everyone to follow her blog and learn more about water.

Indigenous Waters Blog


I write this with concern from a water and soil quality perspective but also as a member of a tribe in contracts with oil and gas companies. I am part of the Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta and the Blackfeet tribe of Montana.

First, this matter is immediately concerning to me because my family will be living close to proposed frac wells and I am concerned for not only their health but also the health of the future generations of my family and tribe.  Second, but not any less important is the intricate connection between animals and plants, their health and habitat, and their role in our cultural practices.

Both tribes are uniquely located at the headwaters to the American and Canadian farming belts. We are responsible and should act as stewards for the quality, and the quantity of water flowing to our downstream neighbors. Reducing the amount of water…

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