Protect Oak Flat, Resistance to Resolution Copper Mine

I been at Oak Flat for over two months. A life changing experience to say the least. Connecting back to nature; it’s changing my urban mind into being organic again. Development should not mean destroying the earth it should be creating avenues to connect back to our mother. Technology is nice but it is not necessary, having a secure and sustainable planet is needed above all material items. Let’s learn to live with the earth and not just on the earth.

AZ Trail Wild

March 29

Because our last water source was only a 4x4x1/2 inch puddle–Trough Spring in Alamo Canyon–we arrived 2 days early in Superior, sore and dehydrated. After recuperating at Porter’s Cafe and this motel with a real 70’s vibe, we had all day Monday to do whatever.

Brian Barnes drove in from Phoenix to help us cache water in Four Peaks. B. Barnes has been more than a trail angel to us–he’s been a trail saint, shuttling us around the state and providing other support. We passed the morning cruising down Hwy 188 in his open-roofed jeep and spent the afternoon eating slimy Chinese buffet food. Barnes dropped us off at Oak Flat Campground, 4 miles east of Superior. We heard there were people occupying the campsite in resistance to Resolution Copper Mine. We went to see what was happening.

Signs lined the campground entryway, reading “Protect Oak Flat.” Almost two…

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