LAPD Killing on Skid Row 3/1/2015

Another police shooting and death of a citizen. This man lived on Skid Row and was known on the streets as Africa, he has been there 4-5 months. I don’t know this man and never seen a picture of him, never heard his voice, or have the pleasure of knowing anything about him. I do know that he is human and that his heart stopped beating after LAPD put 5 bullets in him.

After seeing the video that has been viewed by million in one day, I cried. Trauma was relived and all I can do is blame colonization and the damn U.S. Empire. I called LAPD, I talked to front desk police officer. He was really whiling to talk to me and at first was very defensive. Kept asking if I watched the video. He said, “The man was clearly going for the officers gun, that is when we have a right as officers to defend ourselves, even if that means shooting.”

It is hard to believe shooting is necessary when you have five officers on one guy. And if five officers is not enough to subdue the man the tazar gun must have been at least some help. But yet here we in 2015 and I wonder if this apart of the systems agenda. Send a gang of officers to the street to kill so we can distract the people/public from other important issues, like the destruction of mother earth.

I was initially going to go on the internet and see what I can do to help the cause up in Oak Flat. Oak Flat is a sacred piece of land that was given to a foreign mining company by Senator John McCain and Jeff Flake. But after viewing the video it just took my heart and crushed it. I hate seeing violence, especially being perpetuated by those who are supposed to protect and serve.

Africa, was a living man. I don’t know his character but I am sure he didn’t want to die like that. Police officers are supposed to be the law NOT ABOVE THE LAW. And we as citizens need to┬ápressure the system that this is wrong and cannot keep happening.